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released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


AFTER Los Angeles, California

[af-ter, ahf-]
later in time than; in succession to; at the close of; subsequent to and in consequence of:

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Track Name: Soberland

Curious mind
Uncertain fate
Climbing the mountains
Making mistakes

Living to fiend
Living the life
Living between
The wall and the knife

Never so sure
Confused indeed
Is that what I said
Thats not what I mean

But I won't apologize
As this is not a mistake
My body is here alright
But my soul is far away

Take me away from winterland
Take me away from soberland
Where all colors are grey
All food tastes the same
They comin at me
With the bottom line phrase
Save me from going insane

Running away
Not sure from what
Running to fight
What needs to be fought

Calling the odd
Calling the hurt
Rounding the army
To save the world

Theyre in my mind
Theyre in my sleep
They know the secrets
That were mine to keep

And they wont apologize
There must be some mistake
So now I draw on their blood
To build these wings
As my soul is far away
Track Name: Don't

Clouds above the sea don't let it shine
Allowd me to be me and I won't die
Blood out in the snow makes it more white
Don't quit on me, I'll chase you one more time

They wanna teach me
What they don't know
Do you wanna hear me
Don't let it go

Set yourself free, try again
Soon there'll be nobody looking
And that's your moment

Jigsaw puzzle
Bomb'em or befriend
Jigsaw puzzle
Who said there'd be an end
Track Name: Life

He believes in ghosts
Underaged he
Brought his gun to school
I got one too
You can shoot it too

Land of the free
Home of the brave
Land of the free
Let's party at a grave

Bleeding my art down on my knees
Will find the cure or spread a disease
In this world
I will find life

I feel the summer
Think I'll be coming by
For a day or so
I'll believe in your lies
I got some too
They're all for you
Track Name: Edges of the World
Edges Of The World

Gathered on the rooftop
Quietly made our prayers
And we popped a pill

Stars came all around us
Domino effect
And it felt so real

Rather be a clown
Than be one of the pack
Always new in town
But we never left

Quirky and clumsy
Loopy, forgetful
Should I be someone else instead

Cos I know its time to get up
Cos I know its time to be someone
But my my head is busy dreamin
The edges of the world


Bumming on a stairwell
He lost another job
He dont fit with the system

He missed another party
Another great event
They all seem the same to him